Brew 3.14Π

Brew 3.14Π is a small and friendly restaurant and bistro that specializes in handmade pizzas and calzones, local Korean craft beers, and cocktails. If you are craving something different than Korean BBQ and stews, then Brew 3.14Π near Insadong could be just right for you.

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Brooklyn the Burger Joint

Without a doubt, Brooklyn The Burger Joint, near the Seorae Maeul French Village, has one of the best fresh ground burgers in all of Seoul.

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Casablanca Sandwicherie

Casablanca Sandwicherie is a small but popular restaurant in Haebangcheon where you can find some of the tastiest sandwiches, salads, and soups in Seoul. Casablanca Sandwicherie is best known for the Moroccan chicken sandwich. The restaurant is run by two brothers and chefs, Wahid Naciri and Karim Naciri.

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Coreanos Kitchen

Coreanos Kitchen is a restaurant on Apgujeong Rodeo Street serving Mexican Korean fusion dishes such as galbi short rib burritos and kimchi nachos. The restaurant, which is now located in Seoul, originated in the city of Austin, Texas.

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D'Avant satisfies Seoul's new found love for Belgian waffles. The restaurant is located in the artsy and hip Hongdae area.

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If you are craving a delicious bowl of gomtang (beef soup), then head over to Hadongkwan in Myeongdong which has been in business for over 70 years. Since the 1930s, Hadongkwan has served only two items: gomtang and suyuk (boiled beef soup).

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Jacoby’s Burger

Jacoby's Burger is a restaurant located near Itaewon in the Haebangchon district of Yongsan-dong that serves a great customizable Wagyu beef burger. This restaurant, popular with expats, is often on the debatable list of the best burgers in Seoul.

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Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue

Linus' Bama Style Barbecue, off a small alley in Itaewon, is probably the last place you would expect to find smokey, tender, and delicious barbecue food

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Mido Tuna

Mido Tuna is a boisterous and lively seafood restaurant that serves some of the freshest sushi and sashimi in the busy Konkuk University area (Kondae).

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Myeongdong Tonkatsu

Myeongdong Tonkatsu has been serving up crispy tonkatsu, or Japanese breaded pork cutlet, and other tasty fried foods such as shrimp and fish since 1983. It is located on a busy street right in the heart of the shopping district of Myeongdong.

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Nakseo Pajeon

Located at the end of Pajeon Alley near Hoegi Station is Nakseo Pajeon, famous for its large, crispy haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) stuffed with octopus. The term "pancake" may be inaccurate as the haemul pajeon served here is thick, crispy, and crunchy.

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Ojang-dong Heungnamjip

Ojang-dong Heungnamjip has been serving up delicious bowls of authentic naengmyeon, a cold North Korean dish made using long and thin buckwheat noodles. The restaurant, which has been in operation since 1953, is located at Ojang-dong's Hamheung Naengmyeon Alley, a street featuring a group of famous restaurants specializing in naengmyeon dishes.

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Sinseon Seolleongtang (Myeongdong Branch)

Sinseon Seolleongtang (Myeongdong Branch) is a popular restaurant found all over Korea serving up tasty bowls of ox bone soup known as seolleongtang. This restaurant, located in busy Myeong-dong, is popular with foreign visitors including Japanese tourists who have flocked here after the restaurant was featured in a Japanese magazine.

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Smokey Saloon

When you are in the mood for something different to eat in Seoul, then head over to Smokey Saloon in Itaewon for one of their many unique, large burgers. This compact restaurant offers a wide variety of American style burgers, salads, and sides such as french fries, and onion rings.

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Tosokchon Samgyetang

Tosokchon is a well known and popular restaurant that serves a delicious chicken ginseng soup known as samgyetang. The restaurant, located near Gyeongbokgung Palace, has been serving the delicious signature dish for over 30 years.

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Vatos Urban Tacos (Itaewon Branch)

Vatos Urban Tacos is a Mexican Korean fusion restaurant in Itaewon that offers a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and kimchi carnitas fries. In the past few years, many international restaurants, such as Vatos Urban Tacos, have slowly made their way into the Seoul food scene.

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Yeongyang Center (Myeongdong Branch)

Since 1960, Yeongyang Center (Myeongdong Branch) has been serving two simple specialties, samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup and (tongdak) roasted chicken.

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Yoogane (Myeongdong Branch)

Yoogane (Myeongdong Branch) is a restaurant that serves a tasty and spicy stir fried chicken dish with gochujang, vegetables, and rice known as dak galbi. There are actually two Yoogane locations in Myeongdong just down the street from one another, so this review is technically for both locations since they serve up the same food.

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Last Updated on May 5, 2019