Mido Tuna

Fresh sushi and sashimi at Mido Tuna
Fresh sushi and sashimi at Mido Tuna

Mido Tuna is a boisterous and lively seafood restaurant that serves some of the freshest sushi and sashimi in the busy Kondae (Konkuk University Area ).

The menus are all in Korean and no one seems to speak any English, but pick one of the combos, order a drink, and enjoy fresh sushi and a large assortment of banchan, or small side dishes, from the chef. Every time you order a drink, the chef will give you more food.

If you are lucky, you might run into a group of locals who speak some English and will be interested in trying to talk to you and maybe even have a drink with you.

Mido Tuna is a solid choice for food and drinks at a decent price in Kondae, which is full of many great restaurants.

Assortment of seafood and side dishes at Mido Tuna
Assortment of seafood and side dishes

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Take Subway Line 2 toKonkuk University Station (Exit 1).
After walking down the stairs, turn right.
Walk to the first street and make a right on to Achasan-ro 29-gil. Contine 150 meters to Mido Sushi on the left.

Mido Tuna
19 Achasan-ro 29-gil, Seoul


Last Updated on Dec 26, 2021