Day Trips : Side Trips From Seoul

Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park, Seoul, Korea

Bukhansan National Park is a national park located in the Seoul metropolitan area popular for its scenery, hiking trails, streams, and granite peaks. The park is named after the tallest mountain in Seoul, Bukhansan, which means “mountains north of the Han River.”

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Hwaseong Fortress, the highlight of any visit to Suwon, Korea

Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi-do. The city is located 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of Seoul and has a population of over one million. The highlight of a trip to Suwon is Suwon Hwaseong, a stone fortress built in 1796 by King Jeongjo.

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Panmunjom, inside the Joint Security Area (JSA) of the DMZ, Korea

The Military Demarcation Line (MDL) separates two countries still at war. At Panmunjom you can stand face to face with North Korea. Other highlights include a secret infiltration tunnel built by the north and the historic Bridge of No Return used over the years by both the south and north.

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Last Updated on Dec 23, 2021