The Seoul Guide

Seoul, a city of contrasts
Seoul, a city of contrasts

The Seoul Guide is a free online travel guide for visitors planning a trip to Seoul, the historic, cutting edge, and fast-paced capital city of South Korea. This site is designed and intended to help visitors plan their trip, whether it be your first time or 100th. Here you will find information about sights and attractions, transportation and getting around, food and restaurants, and the history of this great country through the use of photos, maps, high definition videos, and more.

For many visitors to Asia, Seoul is one of those places on their wish to visit list. One day, but not today. It’s often bypassed for the tropical beaches of Thailand, historic Japan, or for hectic China. Ask about South Korea to your friends and more often than not, the most they will know about South Korea is about the ongoing conflict with the north. But there’s more to this amazing country with thousands of years of history. In the beautiful city of Seoul, thousands of years of history and traditions coexist with neon signs.

Once a poor and war-torn nation, it has since turned itself around in just 50 years to make it one of the most important financial cities in Asia. This city is a city like no other on earth. Nowhere can you find such a perfect blend of history, cutting-edge technology, and promise for the future.

Seoul has a rich history which can be seen by wandering the grounds of one of the magnificent and historic Five Grand Palaces. It has large, open public parks that will make you forget that you are in the center of one of the largest urban areas in the world.

If you want to shop at any hour of the day, then you will be sure to find an almost endless amount of bustling markets and malls selling everything from fresh fish straight from the ocean at the Noryangjin Fish Market to high end fashion items at the COEX Mall, Asia’s largest underground shopping mall.

You can also find advanced technology, amazing architecture, unique foods and dishes, and friendly locals who are always welcoming to new visitors. Many neighborhoods and districts here have a small town feel to them. A sort of personal and down to earth experience, which is rare for a mega city with a population of over 25 million including its surrounding areas.

This city and its people have a special soul. It is an attack on all senses from the palaces to the markets to the food to the shopping to the people. Only those who have visited this unique destination can truly understand what it is like to be in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities on earth.

Last Updated on Dec 23, 2021