Churches And Mosques

Chungdong First Methodist Church

Chungdong First Methodist Church, established in 1897 by American missionary Henry Appenzeller, is the first Protestant church of Korea. The beautiful red brick church is located just down the road from Deoksugung Palace and Seoul Plaza.

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Kyungdong Presbyterian Church

Modern and grand red brick church designed by architect Kim Swoo-geun

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Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral was the first and most important Catholic church in Korea and is an important symbol of Christianity in the country. The church is an important icon of Korea and Myeongdong. The official name of Myeongdong Cathedral is Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception.

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Seoul Anglican Cathedral

Seoul Anglican Cathedral is a Romanesque style Anglican church founded by Bishop C.J Corfe in 1922. It is located just west of Deoksugung Palace and Seoul Plaza. Its official name is Cathedral Church of Saint Mary the Virgin and Saint Nicholas.

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Seoul Central Mosque

Seoul Central Mosque is Korea's first and Seoul's only mosque or masjid. It is located at the top of a hill above the busy neighborhood of Itaewon. Many residents visit on weekends to learn about Islam. Lectures can be heard in Korean, English, and Arabic.

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Seung-dong Presbyterian Church

Seung Dong Presbyterian Church, located near Insadong, was established in 1893 by Samuel Foreman Moore (1860-1906). Over the years, the church has been relocated and renamed many times. Before being renamed Seung Dong, it has been known by as Gondanggol, Jungang, and Baekjeong.

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Last Updated on Feb 29, 2024