Weather And When To Go

Snow is not uncommon in the winter in Seoul
Snow is not uncommon in the winter in Seoul

Seoul has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

As a traveler to Seoul, it’s a smart idea to be aware of the weather before you visit. Knowing what type of weather you will encounter and how to dress will help you better enjoy your trip.

Depending on the time of your visit, the weather can fluctuate from hot and humid in the summer to brutally cold during the winters.

The weather in the summer is hot, humid, and wet with the occasional monsoon. During the summer months, temperatures can reach into the triple digits (over 38 Celsius) along with uncomfortable humidity. Unpredictable rainfall is not uncommon during the typhoon season between July and August.

From November to March, the weather turns cold and snowy. Winter is typically dry and brutally cold. Making things worse are the strong Siberian winds that flow down from the north.

Snow is another common occurrence in the winter which can cause sidewalks and subway stairs to be extremely slippery and difficult to walk on. Wearing warm clothes with many layers and waterproof shoes or boots with a good grip is a must during the cold days of winter.

Spring, from late March through May, and fall, September through October, are great times to visit Seoul. The temperature is usually pleasant with warm days and crisp and comfortable nights. It’s no surprise that the city is most crowded with tourists during these periods.

Average Highs and Lows
[table sort=”desc,asc”]
January,2C (36F),-5C (23F)
February,4C (40F), -2C (27F)
March,10C (50F), 2C (36F)
April,18C (65F), 7C (46F)
May,22C (73F), 12C (55F)
June,27C (81F), 18C (65F)
July,28C (84F), 22C (72F)
August,30C (86F), 22C (72F)
September,26C (79F), 17C (63F)
October,20C (68F), 10C (50F)
November,12C (54F), 3C (39F)
December,4C (40F), -2C (28F)

Last Updated on Jul 4, 2023