Jacoby’s Burger

 Jacoby's Burger in Seoul
Front of Jacoby’s Burger

Jacoby’s Burger is a restaurant located near Itaewon in the Haebangchon district of Yongsan-dong that serves a great customizable Wagyu beef burger. This restaurant, popular with expats, is often on the debatable list of the best burgers in Seoul.

Custom cooked patty at Jacoby's Burger in Seoul
Custom medium cooked patty

The patties here are made with 230 grams (0.5 pounds) of chuck rib-eye and brisket meat along with premium Australian Wagyu beef. The meat is never frozen. Vegetables are organic and delivered fresh daily. The buns are baked fresh each morning and the French fries are made daily from fresh potatoes.

The best part of Jacoby’s Burger is making your burger exactly how you want it.

First choose the type of patty or veggie burger you want. Customize it by choosing a bun (white or wheat), cheese (Swiss, American, cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, muenster, colby jack, or provolone), patty (rosemary or garlic). You can also choose the temperate of how you want your patty cooked (medium or well done).

Standard cheeseburger at Jacoby's Burger
Standard cheeseburger

These customizable burgers are perfect for picky eaters as you can order exactly what you want. The burgers are messy and stacked high with toppings making them somewhat hard to eat.

Assortment of condiments at Jacoby's Burger
Assortment of condiments

Another great thing about Jacoby’s Burger is having the option to have your burger cooked medium or well done. A medium rare burger is hard to come by in Seoul, so having the option to have one cooked medium is great. Burgers in Asia often have a steamed taste, but here you get a patty that is cooked more like something you would find in the United States.

Service was marginal, even with an empty restaurant. Expect slow service on weekends and at nights when the restaurant is busy with hungry people. All the burgers are made to order, so expect up to a 20 minute wait time after placing your order.

Dim interior of Jacoby's Burger in Seoul
Dim interior of the restaurant

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Monday-Thursday : 15:00-2:00
Friday-Sunday : 11:00-02:00


Take Subway Line 6 to Noksapyeong Station (Exit 2).
Continue 290 meters and turn slight left at the first intersection with traffic lights.
Continue on Sinheung-ro for 400 meters to reach the restaurant on the right.

Jacoby's Burger
45-6 Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Last Updated on Jul 13, 2023