Myeongdong Tonkatsu

Japanese tenderloin pork cutlet at Myeongdong Tonkatsu in Seoul
Japanese tenderloin pork cutlet at Myeongdong Tonkatsu

Myeongdong Tonkatsu has been serving up crispy tonkatsu, or Japanese breaded pork cutlet, and other tasty fried foods such as shrimp and fish since 1983. It is located on a busy street right in the heart of the shopping district of Myeongdong.

Grab a seat on the first floor at the bar. If you are with more people or need more space check out the second and third floors for more room and tables.

Quick serve bar on the first floor of Myeongdong Tonkatsu in Seoul
Quick serve bar on the first floor

The first thing you will notice is the food being cooked right in front of you. If you order the pork cutlet, you can watch the chef take a fresh seasoned piece of pork and flour it.

Next, the cutlet will be dunked into the thick batter.

Finally, he will cover it fully with breadcrumbs and give it a hard press to ensure the breadcrumbs stick to the meat.

After the pork is breaded, it is dropped into 160° Celsius (320° Fahrenheit) oil for about seven minutes until it is hot and crispy. The cutlet is the sliced into smaller pieces and served.

Breading station prior to frying at Myeongdong Tonkatsu in Seoul
Breading station prior to frying

Along with the pork cutlet, or whatever other fried foods you ordered, you will get a small bowl of rice, miso soup, sliced cabbage, pickled vegetables, and a small dab of spicy wasabi mustard.

The breaded pork cutlet at Myeongdong Tonkatsu in one word is amazing. The crispy breading is the perfect thickness. The pork on the inside is tender and juicy. The secret to making the meat so tender is to age it for four days. This ensuress the meat is tender and ready to be fried.

If you want more flavor, grab the sweet thick soy sauce and spread it all over the cutlet. There is also a great peanut sauce for the sliced cabbage. You will probably keep going back for more and more.

Entrance to Myeongdong Tonkatsu in Seoul
Entrance to the restaurant

If you finish your miso soup or cabbage and would like more, just ask the server for a refill.

Since the restaurant is located in Myeongdong, it caters to both locals and tourists. Even though the area is touristy, it seems like the restaurant is popular and always busy with many locals eating here. If it is packed with locals, you know they serve up great quality food.

The staff is friendly and helpful, especially if you are a foreigner. They also understand enough English to be able to serve you and refill your miso soup, rice, or vegetables when needed.

Myeongdong Tonkatsu is a great place to eat great tasting tonkatsu and other fried foods at affordable prices in an area surrounded by so many other restaurants.

Myeongdong Tonkatsu Seoul menu
Myeongdong Tonkatsu menu

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Daily : 11:00-21:30


Take Subway Line 2 to Euljiro-1ga Station (Exit 6).
Walk 30 meters and make a right at the first street.
Continue for 220 meters to reach the restaurant on the left.

Myeongdong Tonkatsu
59-13 Myeong-dong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul


Last Updated on Jul 13, 2023