Brooklyn The Burger Joint

Brooklyn The Burger Joint in Seoul
Brooklyn The Burger Joint

Without a doubt, Brooklyn The Burger Joint, near the Seorae Maeul (Seorae French Village), has one of the best fresh ground burgers in all of Seoul.

A lot of restaurants in Seoul claim to serve the best burger in the city. Almost all of these claims are wrong. Most burgers you order in Seoul, and all over Asia, taste like they have been steamed. This causes a bland flavor with a texture that is not what you should except. Many places fail to sear the meat to seal in all those great flavors and juices. Brooklyn The Burger Joint succeeds where all the others fail.

C.R.E.A.M Burger (cheddar, bacon, horseradish mayo) at Brooklyn The Burger Joint in Seoul
C.R.E.A.M Burger (cheddar, bacon, horseradish mayo)

Brooklyn The Burger Joint uses only 100% certified beef that is grounded fresh daily. This high level of quality is evident in each burger that they make. When ordering, you have the option of a 5 ounce smashed patty or a 7 ounce hand formed patty. The hand formed patties cost 2,000 won extra.

One of the most popular items here is the C.R.E.A.M. Burger (9,500 won for 5 ounce, 11,500 won for 7 ounce). Burgers are cooked to a medium well but can be cooked however you like at request, which was medium rare this time.

On arrival, the burger and plating looks basic including the fries which strangely cost an extra 6,000 won by themselves or an extra 5,000 won with drink. After the first bite, you know right away that Brooklyn The Burger Joint makes their burgers at a higher level than all the other places.

This burger was cooked to a beautiful medium rare, which is hard to find in Seoul. The top and bottom of the patty had a nice brown sear. The flavor of the patty reminds you off something you could actually find in Brooklyn. It was a great to finally find a burger that tasted like a burger and not like a steamed meatloaf.

Sesame bun on the C.R.E.A.M. burger along with french fries at Brooklyn The Burger Joint in Seoul
Sesame bun on the C.R.E.A.M. burger along with french fries

The C.R.E.A.M. burger needs nothing else. All the ingredients come together beautifully to create flavors hard to duplicate. No need to increase the flavors by using ketchup or hot sauce. It was just perfect as is, even when ordering the smaller smashed patty. This work of art brought together thick yellow sharp cheddar cheese, crispy and thick bacon, and a spicy horseradish mayo.

Only complaint here is the overuse of the horseradish mayo. If you are not a big fan of mayo, ask for them to go light with it or put it on the side. Also, the fries are nothing special. They are basic but you probably won’t mind as you came here for the burgers.

Inside Brooklyn The Burger Joint in Seoul
Inside Brooklyn The Burger Joint

The service at Brooklyn The Burger Joint was great and attentive. Many of the workers speak English. The ambiance inside the restaurant is young, casual, and hip with a slight industrial feel. Loud rock and rap music is often heard playing on speakers throughout the restaurant.

Brooklyn The Burger Joint menu in Seoul
Food menu

Other items on the menu include The Cheeseburger (American cheese, grilled onions), Brooklyn Works (American cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, picks, homemade sauce), George Crum (potato chips, American cheese, tomato, onion), Cheese Skirt (grilled mild cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion), New Mexico (Monterrey jack, jalapeno spread), Real McCoy (double American cheese, onion bacon), and Napkin Please (beef chili, american cheese).

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Tuesday-Sunday : 11:30-21:30
Closed on Mondays


Take Subway Line 3, Line 7, or Line 9 to Express Bus Terminal Station (Exit 5).
Turn left and cross the street.
After crossing the street, turn right and continue 300 meters.
Turn left when you reach Sapyeong-daero 28-gil.
Continue for 350 meters to reach the restaurant on the left.

Brooklyn the Burger Joint
Banpo-dong 551-32 1F Seocho-gu, Seoul


Last Updated on Aug 21, 2020