Catching a game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul

Catching a game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium (Credit)

Jamsil Baseball Stadium was the first baseball stadium in Korea which hosted the Baseball World Cup and baseball games during the 1988 Summer Olympics. The stadium was opened in 1982 is located at the Jamsil Sports Complex. It has an official capacity of 27,000.

The stadium measures in at 26,331 square meters (283,425 square feet). The distance from home plate to the fence in outfield varies from 100 to 125 meters (328 to 492 feet), making it the longest distance of any other stadium in Korea.

Later that same year, in September 1982, the stadium hosted the Amateur World Series (Baseball World Cup). The Korean national team beat out Japan and the United States to win the championship.

During the 1988 Summer Olympics, many baseball events were held here. South Korea finished fourth while the United States beat Japan to win the gold.

In 2007, the stadium was renovated as a cost of 1.5 billion won ($1,412,736 USD). Upgrade was the field including grass, drains, and sprinklers.

The stadium is now home to two professional teams, the LG Twins and the Doosan Bears, which are part of the Korean Baseball Organisation.

Koreans love baseball. The popularity of baseball has exploded in Korea over the past 30 years. Fans of the home teams, and competing teams, flock here from all over Korea to cheer, root, and simply go crazy for their team. Watching a game at the stadium is an exhilarating and exciting experience which includes fans waving large flags of their team and even cheerleaders and bands. The games have also became popular with foreigners who come here for the unique experience.

If you want to make new friends and experience the energy of a Korean baseball game, grab a cheap, ice cold beer or soju, some greasy stadium food, and start cheering for the home team with thousands of other Korean fans. You can also bring in your own food and drinks if you like.

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