Fresh fish and seafood for sale at Garak Mall

Fresh fish and seafood for sale at Garak Mall

Garak Mall, formerly Garak Market, is a large public wholesale market that sells a large selection of meats, fresh and cheap seafood, and fruits and vegetables. This large market, which opened in 1985, measures in at 543,451 square meters (5,849,657 square feet).

Each type of product is separated into its own section. There are sections for seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Using a map could come in handy, otherwise you might get lost.

Every night, lines of trucks bring in loads and loads of fresh food and produce. The best part about shopping here is that prices are very competitive and cheap. If you look around you will find a deal on great fresh food. Even if you are not shopping, just walking around the stalls and shops, especially in the seafood section, is a sight in itself and you might even feel like a local.

The best time to visit Garak Mall is between 18:00 and 21:00 during the exciting wholesale auction.

Meat section at Garak Mall

Meat section

Fresh green chilies for sale at Garak Mall in Seoul

Fresh green chilies for sale