Techno Mart

All types of electronics on sale at Techno Mart in Seoul
All types of electronics on sale at Techno Mart

Techno Mart is an eight floor shopping mall and marketplace with over 2,000 electronic stores selling every type of electronics, appliances, and gadgets. If you are in Seoul and you need electronics at reasonable prices, then this in your place.

You can find computers, televisions, mobile phones, cameras and lenses, sound systems, computer parts, DVDs, CDs, home appliances, and more. Prices here are usually about 20% lower than other major retail stores in Seoul.

Floor 10F features a 2,000 seat movie theater known as Gangbyeon CGV. On the floor B2, visitors can find a bookstore, groceries, food, and snacks. Restaurants can be found on floor 9F while street food can be found just outside.

Techno Mart is similar but smaller than Yongsan Electronics Market.

Welcome to Techno Mart in Seoul
Welcome to Techno Mart
Shop selling televisions at Techno Mart in Seoul
Shop selling the latest and greatest televisions