Entrance to the COEX Aquarium at the COEX Mall in Seoul

Entrance to the COEX Aquarium

COEX Aquarium, inside COEX Mall in Gangnam, is one of the largest aquariums in Korea featuring thousands of fish and sea creatures in 90 different tanks. Visitors to the aquarium, located in the basement of the mall, will be surprised to find over 600 different specifies or marine life and 40,000 plants from Korea and from all around the world.

Unique to COEX Aquarium are its six themed areas (The Inca Empire, Amazonian World, Seven Seas, Ocean Kingdom, Marine Touch, and Undersea Tunnel) and fourteen discovery zones that attract thousands of visitors every day.

The Ocean Kingdom exhibits contains 2,000 ton salt water tank filled with sharks, stingrays, turtles, and other fish just as they would coexist in the ocean.

Seoul also features a second aquarium, 63 Sea World.