Vibrant and youthful streets of Daehangno in Seoul lined with theaters and restaurants
Vibrant and youthful streets of Daehangno lined with theaters and restaurants

Daehangno, also known as College or University Street, is a popular youth culture area that is lined with small theaters. Seoul National University was once located here. This lively and youthful area is a great place to catch a show, have a nice dinner, or just wander around.

Prior to 1985, this area was known as Sunggyobang, meaning “high respect for teaching.” This name dates back to the Joseon Dynasty when King Taejo relocated Sungkyunkwan here, which was one of the best education institutions of the time.

During the Japanese occupation of Korea, Keijo Imperial University was founded here. It was later merged with Seoul National University.

When Seoul National University moved south in 1970, theaters moved in. Since then, the area has become a cultural and entertainment center and is known all over as the theater district of Seoul, with over 40 theaters, concert halls, and movie theaters. Some have only a few seats while others can fit hundreds.

Free street side musical performance in Daehangno, Seoul
Free street side musical performance

The heart of Daehangno is Marronnier Park. It is here where many people gather to watch and enjoy free musical and dance performances which are usually performed by students or young people on weekends. After the show, many choose to keep the night going by visiting one of the many unique restaurants and cafes in the area.

The best time to visit is at night when the area is fully alive with crowds of young and trendy people looking to have a great time and look good under the bright lights.

Daehangno restaurants and shops
Restaurants and shops lining the streets of Daehangno