Daehan Hospital

The red brick Daehan Hospital, Seoul, Korea
The red brick Daehan Hospital

This red brick building was once the main building of Daehan Hospital, the leading medical and hygiene institution during the Great Han Empire (1897-1910). The building is now located on the grounds of the Seoul National University Hospital. In August 1906, construction on Daehan Hospital began on the site of Hamchunwon, the former outer garden of Changgyeonggung Palace.

Gwangjewon Hospital, Gyeongseong Medical School, and the Red Cross Hospital merged to form the Daehan Hospital in March 1907 during the first year of Sunjong (Emperor Yunghui). The hospital was administered by Uijeongbu (State Council).

Daehan Hospital opened in October, 1908. The main red brick building features two stories and seven wards. Auxiliary buildings in the area have since been removed.

In August 1910, the Japanese annexed Korea and the hospital became the main building of Japanese Viceroyalty Hospital. In 1928, the main building became part of the Keij┼Ź Imperial University. The building was returned to the Koreans and Seoul National University after the liberation of Korea in 1945.

Neo-Baroque style clock tower, Daehan Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Neo-Baroque style clock tower

The main building is a mixture of architectural styles from the West and East. During this period, Western architectural styles were just starting to make their way into Korea. Western influences include the Neo-Baroque style clock tower and Renaissance style red bricks.

Inside the building is a corridor with rooms on each side. The original wooden staircases still remain. The main entrance features a large arch which allowed cars to pass through.

Today, the building now houses a museum of the history of Korean medicine.

Statute behind the hospital, Seoul, Korea
Statute behind the hospital



How to get to Daehan Hospital

Take Subway Line 4 to Hyehwa (Exit 3).
Continue 160 meters and turn right at the street for Seoul National University Hospital
Continue 260 meters to reach an intersection.
The hospital will be across the intersection on the right.


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Last Updated on Dec 23, 2021