Bongwonsa Temple

Bongwonsa Temple in Seoul
Bongwonsa Temple

Bongwonsa Temple is a Buddhist temple dating back 1,000 years located at the foot of Ansan Mountain in Bongwon-dong. The temple was known as Banyasa when founded by Master Dosun in 889. It was originally located on the grounds of modern day Yonsei University.

In 1592, during the Japanese invasion of Korea, the temple was destroyed, like many other buildings during this period.

It was later rebuilt in its current location and renamed in 1748, during the 24th year of the reign of King Yeongjo. Two monks, Jeungam and Chanjeup, decided to name it Bongwonsa.

During the Korean War in 1950, some of the buildings here were destroyed. The Main Buddha Hall dates back to 1994 after being rebuilt after a fire in 1991.

Main Buddha Hall at Bongwonsa Temple in Seoul
Main Buddha Hall

Every year on June 6, a Buddhist ritual known as Yeongsanjae takes place here. This ritual, which includes music and dancing, wishes for the reunification of Korea and for world peace. Also taking place here in the summer is the Seoul Lotus Flower Culture Festival. Lotus flowers are an important symbol of Buddhism.

The temple is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature. If you can, visit the temple in the fall when the foliage comes alive making the temple an amazing and wonderful place to visit.

Monks in prayer inside the main Buddha Hall at Bongwonsa Temple in Seoul
Monks in prayer inside the main Buddha Hall
Menacing painted figure at Bongwonsa Temple in Seoul
Menacing painted figure



How to get to Bongwonsa Temple

Take Subway Line 2 to Sinchon Station (Exit 3).
From the exit, walk straight to the first bus stop and board Bus 7024 (Bus 7024 is not listed on the bus stop sign).
Take the bus to the last stop.
From here, walk out of the parking lot and follow the road uphill for 350 meters to reach the temple.

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Last Updated on Jul 21, 2023