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The tomb of King Seongjong at Seonjeongneung Royal Tomb in Seoul

The tomb of King Seongjong at Seonjeongneung Royal Tomb

Seonjeongneung is the name given to two royal tombs, Seolleung and Jeongneung. These tombs are the burial sites of King Seongjong and King Jungjong. Seonjeongneung is surrounded by modern buildings in the middle of the city in the upscale district of Gangnam.


Seolleung is the burial site of King Seongjong (1457–1494) and his second wife, Queen Jeonghyeon (1462-1530). Memorial rites are held every December 24th for Seongjong and every August 22nd for Jeonghyeon. Seongjong was interred in 1495 while Jeonghyeon was buried on an adjacent hill in 1530.

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Jeongneung is the single burial site of King Jungjong (1488–1544). He is the son of Seongjong and Jeonghyeon. Rites for Jungjong are held on December 9th. Jungjong has been interred at this location since 1562. Prior to that, he was buried at Huireung with his second wife, Queen Munjeong.

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Jeongneung Royal Tomb surrounded by modern Seoul

Jeongneung surrounded by the buildings and streets of modern Seoul

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Jeongneung Royal Tomb

Jeongneung Royal Tomb Thumb

Jeongneung is the royal tomb of King Jungjong (1488-1544), second son of King Seongjong and Queen Jeonghyeon, who are buried nearby at Seolleung Royal Tomb.

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Seolleung Royal Tomb

Seolleung Royal Tomb Thumb

Seolleung is the location of two royal tombs. One is of King Seongjong (14571494) and another is for his second wife, Queen Jeonghyeon (1462-1530). The burial mound of King Seongjong lies to west of the mound of Queen Jeonghyeon.

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Directions To Seonjeongneung Royal Tomb (Jeongneung and Seolleung)

  • Take Subway Line 2 or Bundang Line to Seolleung Station (Exit 8).
    Continue for 280 meters to Seolleung-ro 100-gil and turn right.
    Continue 60 meters to reach the entrance on the left.


  • March-October : 6:00-21:00
    November-February : 06:30-21:00
    Last admission is at 20:00


  • Adults (19-64) : 1,000
    Children (7-18) : 500


  • GPS Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) of Seonjeongneung Royal Tomb : 37.508656,127.049047.