Blood sausage known as sundae
Blood sausage known as sundae

Sundae is a blood sausage dish consisting of boiled or steamed pig’s or cow intestines stuffed with ingredients such as noodles, barley, and blood. The dish is similar to black pudding found all across the united Kingdom.

The first mention of sundae, or sondae, can be found in 19th century Joseon Dynasty cookbooks such as “Gyuhap Chongseo” and “Siuijeonseo.”

The most common preparation involves using pig’s intestines stuffed with dangmyeon (cellophane or potato noodles), barley, and pig’s blood. Variations include stuffing the intestines with sesame leaves (perilla), soybean paste, scallions, rice, kimchi, and sprouts.

Sillim-dong's Sundae Town
Sillim-dong’s Sundae Town

The dish can also be made by using seafood such as squid (ojing-eo) and Alaska pollock (myeongtae).

The dish is a popular snack food found on the streets and in the markets of Seoul. There is also an area in Sillim-dong known as Sundae Town that has a high concentration of restaurants serving the dish.

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Last Updated on Dec 28, 2021