Seung Dong Presbyterian Church

Seungdong Presbyterian Church in Seoul
Seungdong Presbyterian Church

Seung Dong Presbyterian Church, located near Insadong, was established in 1893 by Samuel Foreman Moore (1860-1906). Over the years, the church has been relocated and renamed many times. Before being renamed Seung Dong, it has been known by as Gondanggol, Jungang, and Baekjeong.

When the church was known as Baekjeong, meaning butchers, it attracted social underdogs and mysterious figures of the Joseon society.

On February 20. 1919, a group of students secretly met here in a chamber located on the first floor. Their mission was to plan an independence movement on March 1. The idea of the independence movement began to spread across Korea by February 23.

The official deceleration of independence against the Japanese occupation of Korea was distributed here on February 28.

Interior of Seungdong Presbyterian Church, Seoul, Korea
Interior of the church

The building covers 660 square meters (6,458 square feet). Interestingly, all records about the architect and builders are unknown as they have been lost.

If you are in the Insadong area, be sure to keep an eye out for this magnificent and beautiful, red brick church. If you are unsure of its exact location, odds are you would have no idea it even existed.

It is hidden off a side road and extremely easy to miss as it has since been blocked by newer and more modern buildings. If the door is open, go inside and check out the basic yet beautiful interior.

Last Updated on Jul 13, 2023