Thick samgyeopsal on a charcoal grill
Thick samgyeopsal on a charcoal grill

Samgyeopsal is a popular barbecue dish similar to uncured bacon that consists of thick and fatty slices of pork belly that is unmarinated and unseasoned. Literally meaning “three layered flesh”, samgyeopsal is a thick and fatty cut of meat very similar to bacon.

When cooked on a grill the meat is usually eaten with perilla (sesame) leaves, lettuce, green chili peppers, and sliced garlic along with dipping sauces such as chili paste or ssamjang (soybean paste).

After the meat is cooked, the larger pieces are cut up into smaller pieces with a pair scissors where it is placed inside of the perilla (sesame) leaves or lettuce, topped with sauces, rolled up, and eaten.

Samgyeopsal is by far one of the most popular pork dishes both in restaurants and inside the homes of Koreans. Though one of the more expensive parts of parts of the pig, a recent survey found that around 70% of Koreans eat the dish at least once a week.

Samgyeopsal on the grill
On the grill

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