International Arrivals

Incheon International Airport  (ICN) Shuttle Train
Shuttle Train

International arrivals at Incheon International Airport will first have to go through immigration and customs before entering the country. You will be required to show your passport and visa, if you need one. The customs agent will also take your photo and a digital copy of your fingerprints before proceeding. This process is usually quick and hassle free.

There are two terminals. Terminal A and the main terminal. The majority of international flights arrive at terminal A. To reach the main terminal and immigration, passengers first take a free shuttle train.

Immigration at Incheon International Airport  (ICN)
Line for Immigration and Customs after exiting shuttle train

After arriving at the main terminal, passengers proceed through immigration. The line can sometimes be a little long depending on the time of day, but usually it moves quickly. Certain lines are for foreigners while other lines are for citizens of South Korea. Be sure to look up at the television screens to see which line you should be standing in.

International passengers will have to show their passport, and a visa depending on your nationality, to the immigration agent. Before passing though, the agent will take a photo and ask you to take a digital reading of your fingerprints for security reasons.

Baggage claim
Baggage claim at Incheon International Airport (ICN)

After passing through immigration, passengers then proceed to baggage claim to retrieve their luggage.

If this is your final destination, welcome to South Korea and Seoul.