Jangsu galbi beef ribs
Jangsu galbi beef ribs

Galbi, or kalbi, is dish that uses beef or pork short ribs, on the bone or not, marinated in ganjang (Korean soy sauce) known as garlic, and sugar. The type of marinade, which varies by each restaurant, can include sesame oil, rice wine, fruit juice, or even honey.

When one orders galbi at a restaurant in Seoul, the raw meat is often brought right to the customer and cooked on tabletop charcoal grills. The grilling of meat is usually done by the customer themselves and then cut into smaller pieces using scissors. As the meat cooks, the occasional flare up from dripping fat will add an amazing aroma to the air.

The meat is most often wrapped inside perilla (sesame) leaves or lettuce along with garlic, green chilies, and ssamjang (fermented soybean paste).

Variations include dak galbi, made with chicken, and galbitang, a soup made with beef ribs.

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Last Updated on Dec 28, 2021