Dora Observatory

Dora Observatory near the DMZ
Dora Observatory

The Dora Observatory, located at the top of Mount Dora, has one of the best views of reclusive North Korea as viewed from the south. Binoculars here allow visitors to look down into North Korea and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This is one of the closest places visitors will be from North Korea on a tour of the DMZ.

From here you can see the Kijong-dong Propaganda Village and the city of Kaesong on a clear day. Tracks can also be seen that which will hopefully one day link Dorasan Station nearby in the south with Pyongyang in the north.

When you are standing her looking down, you might get a strange feeling knowing how close you are to North Korea. It makes you wonder who the people are down there and how they go about their lives in a country so unknown to the rest of the world.

Photos are not allowed of the areas below the lookout, as it is a sensitive military area. There is a yellow line on the ground near the lookout showing visitors where they are not allowed to take photos.

Last Updated on Dec 25, 2020