Seonjeongjeon Hall And Seonjeongmun Gate

Bokdogak leading to Seonjeongjeon Hall at Changdeokgung Palace
It was here where the king would meet with his officials

Seonjeongjeon Hall is where the king would meet with high ranking officials at Changdeokgung Palace to discuss political, state, and palace affairs. At his convenience, the king and his officials would hold seminars and have morning meetings. He would discuss royal issues and other national affairs.

The colonnaded area which surrounds the building was used for storage and for secretary offices. A narrow corridor leads to Seonjeongmun Gate. This corridor was used during royal funerals when Seonjeongjeon Hall served as a royal shrine. This corridor is the only remaining evidence of its function during funerals.

The roof of the structure is the only existing blue tiled palace roof.

Seonjeongjeon Hall lies to the east of Injeongjeon, the main throne hall at the palace.

Seonjeongmun Gate at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul
Seonjeongmun Gate