Nakseonjae Complex

Nakseonjae Complex at Changdeokgung Palace
Nakseonjae Complex

The Nakseonjae Complex is a residential compound built in 1847 during the reign of King Keonjong. Queen Myeongheon, the wife of Heonjong, was unable bear a child for the king. Therefore, Heonjong took a concubine by the name of Gyeongbin to bear his child. Nakseonjae was built for Gyeongbin in an isolated corner at Changdeokgung Palace.

Nakseonjae Pavilion was a library built for the king where he would read and paint. Seokbokheon was the residence of Gyeongbin. Sugangjae was built for Queen Sunwon, the grandmother of Heonjong.

A garden can be found in the rear of the residence. Nearby, is a simple and elegant pavilion known as Sangryangjeong, or Pyeongwonru before the Japanese occupation. This pavilion was used for rest and offered a beautiful view of the palace area below.

Sangryangjeong Pavilion inside Nakseonjae Complex at Changdeokgung Palace
Sangryangjeong Pavilion

The architectural style is without vibrant and colorful royal decorations that is commonly seen with other royal residences.

The pavilion was used by the royal family until the late 20th century. The complex was opened to the public for the first time in 2006 after many years of restoration.