Huijeongdang Hall

HuijeongdangHall is the residence for women at Changdeokgung Palace
Women’s residence

Huijeongdang Hall was used as a women’s residence and later as a place of work and rest for the king. It was here where the king would meet officials. The king and his officials would handle royal affairs and discuss political issues at this location.

The original building was destroyed by a fire in 1917. When rebuilt in 1920 by the Japanese government, materials from the king’s residence at Gyeongbokgung Palace were used.

Seonjeongjeon Hall was originally used by the king for work purposes and to discus state affairs with officials. When more room was needed, the king decided to relocate to Huijeongdang Hall.

The reconstructed building was built completely different than the original. The exterior of the building looks like traditional Korean architecture but the interior is western in style.

Light fixtures found on the ceiling of Huijeongdang Hall
Light fixtures found on the ceiling of the hall

The east meets west architecture of the new interior featured many amenities not common in early 19th century architecture in Korea. These amenities included a vehicle waiting area in the front, glass windows, wooden floorboards, electricity, lights, a chandelier, bathrooms, and curtains.