Baek Inje’s House In Gahoe-dong

Baek Inje's House in Gahoe-dong in the Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul
Baek Inje’s House in Gahoe-dong

Baek Inje’s House In Gahoe-dong is believed to have been built by Han Sangryong in 1863 using Korean black pines taken from the Yalu (Amnokgang) River. The house was built during the reign of King Gojong, who was the twenty sixth and final king of the Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of Korea.

Located in one building is the anchae (inner quarters) and the sarangchae (outer quarters). This is unusual for an upper class house in Seoul as both quarters are usually separated. Across from the anchae is the gate of the haengnangchae (servants quarters).

Inside the sarangchae is a hall with a wooden floor and another room. The sarangchae is connected to the anchae by a wooden passageway. Another room can be found by the inner gate along with a square shaped courtyard.

A byeoldangchae (separate building) can be found on the northwest side of the courtyard.