Bindaetteok, a type of mung bean pancake
Bindaetteok, a type of mung bean pancake

Bindaetteok is a fried Korean style pancake and snack that is made with mung beans, green onions, peppers, and kimchi. Other than vegetables, you can often find the pancake stuffed with seafood (haemul) or meat (gogi) such as pork or beef.

Bindaetteok is a popular food in the markets and streets of Seoul. One of the best places to try it is at Gwangjang Market. When you walk through the market you will notice and smell the many vendors preparing and cooking the tasty snack in oil. The cost is around 4,000-5,000 won each.

The dish dates back to the 1600s when the dish was popular with poor people as those with money ate meat.

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Last Updated on Dec 28, 2021