N Seoul Tower


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A view of the N Seoul Tower from below

A view from below the N Seoul Tower at Namsan Park

Since 1980, the N Seoul Tower has been a landmark of the skyline of downtown. Over the years, it has also been known as the Namsan Tower and Seoul Tower. Built in 1969, it tops out at 236 meters (777 feet) high with an elevation of 479 meters (1,574 feet) above sea level. In late 2005, the building went through extensive remodeling, which cost over 15 Billion Won ($13 million USD). After completion, it was renamed to “New”, or N, Seoul Tower.

The best time to visit the observation deck is right before sunset on a clear day. This time offers stunning views of the city as it transitions from day into night. When visiting the tower at sunset, expect longer waiting times to reach to top.

On weekends before sunset, the wait time can be anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. If you do not mind spending more time at the top, arrive an hour before sunset when wait times are less, around 30 minutes, and you can still enjoy the sunset while avoiding most of the rush of people.

You can find great views of the downtown skyline from Namsan Park, the area around the tower. No waiting times, no elevators, and free to visit, make the view from the park almost better than the tower.

View of downtown from the observation deck

View of downtown from the observation deck

The easiest and quickest way to reach the bottom of the N Seoul Tower is by the Namsan Cable Car. You also have the option of hiking up a trail with hundreds of stairs to reach the tower, but unless you are in great shape and are prepared to sweat, its probably a better idea to take the cable car up.

Stairs that leave to Namsan Park and the N Seoul Tower

Stairs that leave to Namsan Park and the N Seoul Tower

Another great option is to take the cable car up one way, and take the trail back down towards the bottom cable car station and Myeongdong if you continue further. The views of the city walking down are quite delightful. To take the trail down, just follow the stairs down as they pass by the cable car station. The easy walk down should take about 15 minutes.

Namsan Cable Car on way to N Seoul Tower

On way to N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

View from the bottom

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Locks Of Love

Locks Of Love Thumb

Locks of Love is a collection of locks that have been hung and locked into place on a wall next to N Seoul Tower. They symbolize endless love between those who hang them.

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Directions - How To Get To N Seoul Tower

  • Option 1
    Take Subway Line 3 or Line 4 to Chungmuro Station (Exit 2).
    Then take Bus 2 (08:00-24:00/5min) or Bus 5 (07:30-23:50/15min) to N Seoul Tower.

    Option 2
    Take Subway Line 6 to Itaewon Station (Exit 4).
    Then take Bus 3 (08:00-23:00/10min) to N Seoul Tower.

    Option 3
    Take Subway Line 4 to Myeong-dong Station (Exit 3).
    Then walk 10 minutes to the Namsan Cable Car, which takes you to the base of the N Seoul Tower.


  • The observation deck is open 10:00-23:00. Last entry is at 22:30.

    The Teddy Bear Museum is open 10:00-22:00. Last entry is at 21:00.

    Restaurants (N GRILL and Hancook) are open 11:00-23:00.


  • Observatory
    Adult (18+) : 9,000
    Teenager (13-17) : 7,000
    Senior (65+) : 7,000
    Child (3-12) : 5,000
    Infant : Free

    Observatory and Audio Guide
    Adult (18+) : 12,000
    Teenager (13-17) : 10,000
    Senior (65+) : 10,000
    Child (3-12) : 8,000
    Infant : Free

    Teddy Bear Museum
    Adult (18+) : 8,000
    Teenager (13-17) : 6,000
    Senior (65+) : 6,000
    Child (3-12) : 5,000
    Infant : Free

    Observatory and Teddy Bear Museum
    Adult (18+) : 14,000
    Teenager (13-17) : 10,000
    Senior (65+) : 10,000
    Child (3-12) : 7,000
    Infant : Free


  • GPS Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) of N Seoul Tower : 37.551389, 126.988234.