Seoul Jungang Market

Seoul Jungang Market
Seoul Jungang Market

Seoul Jungang Market is a traditional market located east of Heunginjimun Gate (Dongdaemun) that specializes in dried fish and other seafood. The market dates back to 1957, a few years after the Korean War.

With over 1,000 vendors, the market has become the biggest dried seafood and seaweed markets in Korea.

Most vendors only sell a few items which keeps cost low while maintaining quality. Prices for items here are usually 30% less than other shops in Seoul.

Traditional markets, such as Seoul Jungang Market, are great examples of real Korean life. Many of these types of markets have disappeared over the years as Seoul has grown and modernized and as bigger markets and shopping centers have moved in.

Cutlass (Ribbon) fish for sale at Seoul Jungang Market
Cutlass (Ribbon) fish
Assortment of fish, shrimp, and clams at Seoul Jungang Market in Seoul
Assortment of fresh fish, shrimp, and clams

Some of the best anchovies can be found here. The best tasting anchovies are caught during the warmer months between July and September. Other seafood found here includes dried pollack, squid, filefish, laver, corbina, an other tasty snacks.

Other than seafood you will find all sorts of vegetables, fruits, breads, and meats including pig, cow, and strangely even dog.

Plan on arriving here earlier in the day as the market tends to start closing up in the early afternoon.

Entrance to Seoul Jungang Market in Seoul
Entrance to the market
Chicken feet and other organs for sale at Seoul Jungang Market
Chicken feet and other organs
Pigs' feet , or jokbal, being sold at Seoul Jungang Market in Seoul
Jokbal (pigs’ feet)
Farm fresh vegetables at Seoul Jungang Market
Farm fresh vegetables

Seoul Jungang Market Hours

12:00-16:00, exact shop times can vary
Closed on Sundays



How to get to Seoul Jungang Market

Take Subway Line 2 or Line 6 to Singdang Station (Exit 1).
Turn left when exiting and walk 150m to reach the market on the left.

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Last Updated on Oct 21, 2023