Seoul Forest

One of the many pathways through Seoul Forest
One of the many pathways through Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest is a large park and nature area with walking paths and unique artwork that is located on the banks of the Han River on Ttukseom (Ttuk Island). In the past, this area has been used for many purposes from a royal hunting ground to more recently as a water treatment facility. The park also features a golf course and racetrack.

On June 18, 2005, after undergoing many changes and renovations, Seoul Forest opened as a new and improved park. The story is somewhat similar to the revival of the Cheonggyecheon Stream.

After all the improvements, many have started to compare it to New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park.

Today, the park is separated into five unique areas which covers some 1.16 million square meters. Each area is connected by pathways that pass by some of the 100,000 trees planted here.

Entrance to Seoul Forest
Entrance to the park

The Cultural Art Park section features flower beds, a visitors center, skate park, outdoor performance stages, a restaurant, a playground, and a water play area.

The Ecological Forest section is a protected natural habitat wildlife area well known for Sika deer. Other animals found here include chipmunks, ducks, and elk. In total, there are an estimated 100 different animal species found in the park.

Nature in the middle of the city at Seoul Forest
Nature in the middle of the city

The Nature Study Field section, where the water treatment facility use to be located, is now home to an education area and a botanical and wildflower garden.

The Wetlands Ecological Field section features a flower and botanical garden, a playground, an outdoor classroom to educate students about nature, and a bird and wildlife observatory.

Finally, the Han River Riverside Park section, features a marina, rest area, and great views of the Han River.

One of the many playgrounds at Seoul Forest
One of the many playgrounds found at the park
Unique and interesting artwork at Seoul Forest
Unique and interesting artwork