Yun Family’s House in Ogin-dong : Replica House Built By Yun Deokyeong

Yun Family's House in Ogin-dong at Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul
Yun Family’s House in Ogin-dong

This building is a replica of Yun Family’s House built around 1910 at 47-133, Ogin-dong which is located in northwest Seoul west of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Yun Deokyeong, who owned the land at the time, was an uncle of Empress Sunjeonghyo, the wife of Emperor Sunjong.

At the location in Ogin-dong, Yun built around 20 buildings for both his family and other relatives. One of the structures he built was Park Nosu’s House, a Western style building. The house still remains today.

The house at 47-133, Ogin-dong also still exists. It was built as the residence of Yun’s concubine. Efforts were made to move the house to the Namsangol Hanok Village but attempts failed as the house was too fragile and old to be relocated.

The replica of Yun Family’s House was built under careful supervision to ensure that the reproduction would be true to the original. No details were too small including replicating the uneven ground which the house was built on.

The house was built in a square shape with a simple architectural design. It features a large anchae (inner quarters), a wood floored room which was used as the sarangchae (outer quarters), and multiple gates. The anchae, designed with decorative pillars, is the focal point of the house.