Carpenter Yi Seungeop’s House in Samgak-dong : Home Of Master Carpenter

Carpenter Yi Seungeop's House in Samgak-dong at Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul
Carpenter Yi Seungeop’s House in Samgak-dong

This house was built by Yi Seungeop, who was a master carpenter who also worked on rebuilding and restoring Gyeongbokgung Palace in 1867. The house was originally located at 36-2 Samgak-dong, Jung-gu in central Seoul near Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Around 1890, the family Gyeongju Yi resided in the house. Starting in 1970, the building was used to store historical records of Chohung Bank, which today is known as Shinhan Bank.

The house was moved to the Namsangol Hanok Village in 1998 when the village was established.

The anchae (inner quarters), sarangchae (outer quarters), and a middle gate are the only features that remain. Originally, the house was large with eight buildings which included the haengnangchae (servants quarters). The main body of the house was composed of the anchae and sarangchae. This part of the house was bigger and had taller roofs and beautiful verandas. It also featured a low wall which divided space for men and women.

The importance of each space varies based on the height and shape of the roof. This feature, along with other unique construction designs, are a great example of late Joseon Dynasty architecture.