Myogaksa Temple

Myogaksa Temple in Seoul
Myogaksa Temple

Myogaksa Temple is a small and hidden Buddhist temple located on the side of Mt. Naksan in the quiet residential district of Jongno-gu, Sungin-dong. Getting to the temple requires a short but uphill walk up Choui-ro street from Dongmyo Station below. Myogaksa was established in May 1930 by Monk Taeheo Hongseon.

The location of the temple on Mt. Naksan was based on Feng Shui. It was believed that building the temple here would bring peace and happiness to the residents of Seoul.

Since being established, Myogaksa has gone through two renovations which have expanded the temple grounds.

A Mae Buddha Statue can be found carved into rocks on a cliff on the side of Mt. Naksan. This statue has since been designated a cultural asset of Seoul.

Visitors can also enjoy a Grand Buddha Shrine, a Wontong Buddhist shrine, a preaching hall, a grotto, and Sanshingak Pavilion.

Entrance to Myogaksa Temple in Seoul
Entrance to the temple

Templestay Program

The Myogaksa Temple templestay is a cultural program offered to anyone who wishes to learn about the life of Buddhists and immerse themselves in the 1700 year history of Korean Buddhism.

The two day, one night program includes an introduction to Buddhism, morning Buddhist service, meditation, tea ceremony, and more.

Participation Fee
Adults : 50,000 won
Children : 30,000 won

Reservations can be made by email at or by calling 02-763-3345/3109.

Mae Buddha statue at Myogaksa Temple in Seoul
Mae Buddha



How to get to Myogaksa Temple

Take Subway Line 1 or Line 6 to Dongmyo Station (Exit 2).
Turn left when exiting the station.
Turn left at the first street with the sign pointing towards Myogaksa.
At the next street turn right.
From here, walk up the hill for about 100 meters to reach the temple on the left.

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Last Updated on Oct 21, 2023