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Inside the cabin of an AREX Airport Express Line train from Incheon International Airport

Inside the cabin of an AREX Airport Express Line to Seoul Station

The Airport Railroad Express Train (AREX) is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to travel between Seoul Station in central Seoul and Incheon International Airport. Travel from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport cost 8,000 won per person. The travel time is about 43 minutes nonstop.

The express line train runs nonstop between the 2nd floor basement of Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport. The regular AREX Commuter Line takes 53 minutes and stops at ten major subway stations along the way.

The seats on the express line train are much more comfortable than the seats on the commuter line, especially arriving tired after a long international flight.

There is overhead storage for smaller, carry on sized luggage. There is also room for larger sized luggage at the ends of each train car.

AREX Airport Express Line train station at Incheon International Airport

AREX Airport Express Line train station at Incheon International Airport

Storage space on the AREX Airport Express Line train for larger luggage

Storage space for larger luggage is available at the end of each train car

Smaller luggage can be placed overhead on the AREX Airport Express Line train

Smaller luggage can be placed overhead


The price has been cut from 13,800 to 8,000 won for adults.

Adult : 8,000
Children : 6,900

If you will be purchasing a one way ticket, an additional 100 won will be added to the fare. There is also a 500 won deposit charge that will be added the fare. This deposit is refundable and can be returned to you at your destination station using the refund deposit machine.


To Seoul Station

Depart Time from Incheon International Airport Arrival time at Seoul Station
5:20AM 6:06AM
6:00AM 6:43AM
6:30AM 7:13AM
7:20AM 8:03AM
8:02AM 8:45AM
8:35AM 9:18AM
9:20AM 10:03AM
9:54AM 10:37AM
10:32AM 11:15AM
10:56AM 11:39AM
11:30AM 12:13PM
11:56AM 12:39PM
12:30PM 1:13PM
1:01PM 1:44PM
1:32PM 2:15PM
2:00PM 2:43PM
2:34PM 3:17PM
3:00PM 3:43PM
3:26PM 4:09PM
4:07PM 4:50PM
4:41PM 5:24PM
5:15PM 5:58PM
5:59PM 6:42PM
6:47PM 7:30PM
7:15PM 7:58PM
7:54PM 8:37PM
8:16PM 8:59PM
9:00PM 9:43PM
9:45PM 10:28PM

To Incheon International Airport

Depart Time from Seoul Station Arrival time at Incheon International Airport
6:00AM 6:43AM
6:26AM 7:09AM
7:00AM 7:43AM
7:34AM 8:17AM
8:16AM 8:59AM
9:00AM 9:43AM
9:38AM 10:21AM
10:27AM 11:10AM
11:06AM 11:49AM
11:35AM 12:18PM
11:58AM 12:41PM
12:28PM 1:11PM
12:57PM 1:40PM
1:37PM 2:20PM
2:05PM 2:48PM
2:28PM 3:11PM
3:11PM 3:54PM
3:30PM 4:13PM
4:02PM 4:45PM
4:35PM 5:18PM
5:20PM 6:03PM
5:45PM 6:28PM
6:20PM 7:03PM
7:01PM 7:44PM
7:43PM 8:26PM
8:26PM 9:09PM
8:50PM 9:33PM
9:21PM 10:04PM
10:00PM 10:43PM