Daeungjeon, the main hall of Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul

The main hall

Daeungjeon Hall is the main hall of Hwagyesa Temple. The building was constructed in 1870 after receiving funding from King Gojong, his father Huengseon Daewongun, and other royal family members.

Daeungjeon has 3 kan on the front side and 3 kan on the side. A kan is an interval between pillars. The roof features a one story hip and gable roof with characteristics of 19th century wooden architecture.

Statues of Buddha inside Daeungjeon Hall at Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul

Statues of Buddha

Unique are paintings of the life of Buddha found on the panel walls. Calligraphy of Huengseon Daewongun can also be seen on the tablet and the columns.

A statue of Amita used to be found inside, but has since been removed. Housed here are the statues of Buddha Triad including Sakyamuni and two Bodhisattvas.

A daebang can be found in front of this hall. A daebang is a structure that consists of a prayer hall, monks’ room, kitchen, and living room. It was common for most royal temples in Seoul during the late Joseon Dynasty to have these buildings.

Panel artwork on Daeungjeon Hall at Hwagyesa Temple in Seoul

Panel artwork