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Bike paths running through Banpo Hangang Park

Bike paths running through Banpo Hangang Park

Banpo Hangang Park is a park located on the southern side of the Han River. Most people visit this park to see the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain show. The bridge is a well known tourist attraction and the longest fountain bridge in the world.

The bridge measures in at 1,140 meters (3,740 feet). At night, water falls 20 meters (65 feet) down from the bridge to the river. As the water falls, it is illuminated by LED lights creating a beautiful display.

One of the best features Banpo Hangang Park are the panoramic views of Seoul. The golden 63 Building (63 City) can be seen in the distance to the west. To the north is Namsan Park and iconic N Seoul Tower.

Just to the west of Banpo Bridge are three artificial islands known as Sebit Dungdungseom (Floating Island). The floating islands, the largest in the world, hold a convention hall, performing arts hall, and center for aquatic activities. At night, the buildings on the islands are colorfully illuminated.

Sebit Dungdungseom (Floating Island) in Seoul

Sebit Dungdungseom (Floating Island)

Sports facilities include a playground, soccer field, basketball court, and inline skating rink.

Visitors can rent bikes for 3,000 won per hour (1 person) or 6,000 won per hour (2 people). The bike shop is open from 9:00 to 20:00.

Baby strollers can be rented for free from the Banpo Hangang River Park Information Center.

View of Seoul and the N Seoul Tower from Banpo Hangang Park

View of Seoul and the N Seoul Tower from Banpo Hangang Park the park

Wide open spaces at Banpo Hangang Park

Wide open spaces

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Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge Thumb

Banpo Bridge, the location of the Moonlight Rainbow Show, is a girder bridge that spans the Han River connecting the districts of Seocho and Yongsan. Construction on the double decker bridge was completed in 1982. The real reason people come here is to see the falling and dancing water, lights, and music of the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain show.

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Sebit Dungdungseom Floating Island

Sebit Dungdungseom Floating Island Thumb

Three artificial floating islands on the Hangang River

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Directions To Banpo Hangang Park

  • Take Subway Line 3, Line 7, or Line 9 to Express Bus Terminal Station (Exit 8-1).
    After exiting, walk 300 meters until you reach an intersection with an elevated road.
    Turn right and continue for about 15 minutes or 800 meters to reach the park.


  • 24 hours


  • Free


  • GPS Coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) of Banpo Hangang Park : 37.510266,126.996167.