Norakdang Hall at Unhyeongung Palace

Norakdang Hall

Norakdang Hall was one of the residence halls for women at Unhyeongung. The other was Irodang Hall. This is the largest building at Unhyeongung. Construction on Norakdang, along with Noandang, was completed in 1864 during the first year of the reign of King Gojong. Gojong was the twenty sixth king of the Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of Korea.

The hall features ten rooms in the front and three rooms on the side. Lattice, or criss-crossed patterns, have been well preserved. Horizontal roof beams known as purlins feature a depiction of a dragon.

A kitchen can be found inside which was used to prepare, cook, and serve food for the many special events and ceremonies held here.

Many important ceremonies were held here including royal birthday celebrations and weddings. It was here on March 21, 1866 that King Gojong and Empress Myeongseong (Queen Min) were married. This ceremony is reenacted each year during the spring and fall.

On the ceiling are decorations of checkered shaped lotus flowers. It was written that this building was so lofty that it was only 15cm (5.9 inches) from heaven.

Court ladies in the kitchen of Norakdang Hall

Court ladies in the kitchen

Typical tea ceremony at Norakdang Hall

Typical tea ceremony