Taeryeongjeon Hall, which holds the portrait of King Yeongjo at Gyeonghuigung Hall

Taeryeongjeon Hall holds the portrait of King Yeongjo

Taeryeongjeon Hall is located in a back corner of Gyeonghuigung Palace. It contains the portrait of King Yeongjo who ruled from 1724 to his death in 1776. Originally, this building had no specific purpose or use.

In 1744, during the 20th year of the reign of Yeongjo, it was renovated to display his own portrait. This is unique do to the fact that Yeongjo dedicated his own portrait during his reign. This is unlike other halls such as Seonwonjeon Hall at Changdeokgung Palace which kept the portraits of past kings.

The building was removed during the Japanese occupation. In 2000, it was finally restored and now features five sections on the front side and two sections on the sides. The tablet which hangs at the front was inspired by Han Seok-bong, a calligrapher during the Joseon Dynasty.