Seoam (Kings Rock) at Gyeonghuigung Palace in Seoul

Seoam (King’s Rock)

Seoam Rock, behind Taeryeongjeon Hall, is a large stone formation well known for its design and for Amcheon, the natural fountain that flows within. Originally, it was known as Wangam which means ‘King’s Rock’ which is why it is believed that King Gwanghaegun built Gyeonghuigung Palace here.

In 1708, during the 34th year of the reign of King Sukjong, the name was changed to Seoam Rock which literally means ‘Propitious Rock’.

King Yeongjo, the twenty first king of the Joseon Dynasty, was known to spend much of his time here while he was at the palace.

A stone tablet, known as Sabangseok, personally engraved with Chinese characters by Sukjong, was once located here but has since been lost and nowhere to be found.