Heumgyeonggak Pavilion

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Heumgyeonggak Pavilion at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

Heumgyeonggak Pavilion

Heumgyeonggak Pavilion, built in 1438 during the reign of King Sejong, was used by the king for astronomical and agricultural observations and research. Heumgyeong means “respectful veneration of the ways of heaven.”

Heumgyeonggak Pavilion is located near Gangnyeongjeon Hall, which was the sleeping and resting quarters of the king. This location allowed the king easy access for observations and to track the movements of heavenly bodies.

Many of the inventions by King Sejong were installed here. Such inventions included a rain gauge, sundial, water clock, and celestial globes. A water clock known as ongnu was installed here in 1438.

Heumgyeonggak Pavilion was destroyed by a fire in 1563 during the eighth year of the reign of King Myeongjong.

Heumgyeonggak Pavilion, along with Hamwonjeon Hall, Gangnyeongjeon Hall, and Sajeongjeon Hall, was restored in 1995.