Seogeodang Hall, where King Seonjo lived and died, at Deoksugung Palace

Seogeodang Hall, where King Seonjo lived and died

Seogeodang Hall is an ordinary and plain two story wooden house where King Seonjo lived and died. He was the 14th Joseon king and ruled from 1567 to 1608. The design is ordinary without decorations or paint, which is similar to houses at the time.

The hall features a two tiered roof, the only one at the Deoksugung Palace. The building resembles a typical private residence during the Joseon Dynasty.

During the Japanese invasion in the late 16th century, Queen Inmok, the wife of King Seonjo, was confined here for 10 years.

In 1623, many of the buildings and land in the area were returned to their original owners. This hall and Jeukjodang were not sold and later preserved.

In 1904, this building, along with Junmyeongdang and Jeukjodang, were destroyed by a fire. They were all rebuilt later that same year.