Jeukjodang Hall

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Jeukjodang Hall at Deoksugung Palace

Jeukjodang Hall

Jeukjodang Hall is where King Gwanghaegun (1608) and King Injo (1623) were crowned as kings. Its name means “house where kings ascended their throne.” Gwanghaegun reigned from 1608 to 1623 while Injo reigned from 1623 to 1649. The original structure, along with Junmyeongdang, was destroyed by fire in 1904. They were both rebuilt later that same year.

The sign in front of the hall was written in 1905 by King Gojong just after he ascended to the throne. Gojong was the twenty sixth Joseon Dynasty King and ruled from 1863 to 1907.

Jeukjodang Hall is connected to Junmyeongdang Hall by a narrow corridor.

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