Hamnyeongjeon Hall

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Hamnyeongjeon Hall, where King Gojong once lived while at Deoksugung Palace

Hamnyeongjeon Hall, where King Gojong once lived

Hamnyeongjeon Hall was the sleeping residence of King Gojong when he moved from the Russian Legation back to Deoksugung Palace (Gyeongugung) in 1897. Gojong also died at this location in 1919 at the age of 66. In 1904, the hall was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt that same year.

After Gojong died, Hamnyeongjeon Hall was used as his spirit hall and the for the location of his coffin and memorial tablet.

The hall was designed with an ondol, which is a heating system that is found under the wooden floor. This is a common feature in the sleeping quarters of royal palaces. Servants would stay just outside the rooms. Behind the building is a terraced garden with decorated chimneys.

Nearby is Deokhongjeon Hall.