Yanghwadang Hall at Changgyeonggung Palace in Seoul

Residential quarters of the widow of the king

Yanghwadang Hall, next to Tongmyeongjeon, was the residential quarters of the dowager queen or widow of the king. During the second Manchu invasion of Korea, King Injo took refuge here. The invasion occurred in 1636 when the Qing Empire of China invaded the Joseon Dynasty.

The hall was built during the reign of King Seongjong in 1484. Seongjong was the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty and ruled from 1469 to 1494.

The structure has been destroyed an rebuilt multiple times over the years. It was destroyed by the Japanese during their invasion of Korea.

Yanghwadang was rebuilt in 1616 during the reign of King Gwanghaegun. The building was destroyed by fire during the Injo revolution in 1624. It was rebuilt after the revolution.

During the Second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1636, King Injo took refuge and lived in this hall. King Injo was the sixteenth Joseon Dynasty king and ruled from 1623 to his death in 1649. He fled to this location from Namhansanseong Fortress on Namhan Mountain, southeast of Seoul.

The building was yet again destroyed by fire in 1830 and rebuilt in 1833.