Hwangyeongjeon Hall, sleeping residence of the current king and queen at  Changgyeonggung Palace

Used as a sleeping residence by the king and queen while at the palace

Hwangyeongjeon Hall, near Gyeongchunjeon Hall, was the sleeping residence for kings, princes, and their wives while they were at Changgyeonggung Palace.

The hall was originally built in 1483. It was destroyed by the Japanese invasion in 1592, rebuilt in 1616, and then destroyed again by fire in 1830. The building seen today was built in 1834.

Similar to Gyeongchunjeon, a small structure used for palace workers and for storage was located nearby.

Dae Janggeum, a female physician, attended to King Jungjong at this location. She was the only Joseon Dynasty female physician to attend to a king. She also delivered the baby of Queen Janggyeong, the second wife of Jungjong in 1515. In 1522, she gained the trust of the king by treating the illness of Queen Dowager. After this, she became the head royal physician which was unheard of at the time. She attended to King Jungjong until he died at this location in 1544, after 39 years of rule.

Crown Prince Sohyeon also died at this location in 1645.