Daechundangji Pond at Changgyeonggung Palace

Daechundangji Pond

Chundangji Pond, located near Daeonsil (Great Greenhouse), consists of two ponds, Daechundangji and the smaller Sochundangji. The smaller of the two was created in 1909 by a process called naenongpo, which involved combining eleven rice paddies.

The surrounding land was used as royal farmland and as a residential area for the ladies and the maids of the royal family.

The king and queen gained experience in farming, learned how to care for rice paddies, mulberry fields, and even how to raise silkworms.

In 1830, a great fire destroyed many small buildings that surrounded the water. The ones that survived were dismantled during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

The island seen in the middle of the pound was created in 1984.

Daechundangji Pond covered in snow during the winter at Changgyeonggung Palace

The pond covered in ice and snow during the winter