Yeongyeongdang Residence in Huwon Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

The men’s quarters

The Yeongyeongdang Residence was built in 1828 by Crown Prince Hyomyeong for Jinjakrye, which was a special ceremony for his father King Sunjong. During this ceremony court officials would present food and wine to the king and queen as a sign of strong royal authority.

Yeongyeongdang was also the men’s quarters. It was here where the master of the house resided. Inside is a main room where the master would meet with guests and where he stayed during the day. A separate room with a raised floor was used as a bedroom in the summer.

Yeongyeongdang is built with stone pillars on top of a stone platform. The roof is single-eaved and features roof extensions at each of the corners. Windows surround all four sides of the building which were designed to be lifted during the warmer summer months.

Next to Yeongyeongdang is Seonhyangjae, which was used as a study and for reading books inside the garden.