Uiduhap Pavilion in Huwon Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palce in Seoul

Pavilion used for a place of study

Uiduhap Pavilion was built by Crown Prince Hyomyeong as a place of study, reading, and contemplation. Unlike other royal structures, the architecture is conservative and not decorated with vivid paintwork. It is one of the most modest buildings at Changdeokgung Palace.

The structure was built in 1827 by Hyomyeong who was the first son of King Sunjo. Sunjo, who reigned from 1800 to 1834, was the 23rd Joseon Dynasty king.

Hyomyeong only lived to be 22. Known for his intelligence and fine character, he handled state affairs on behalf of his father from the age of 18.

Along with Aeryeonjeong Pavilion, these are the only buildings in the palace that face north to allow more sunlight for reading and contemplation.