Seonhyangjae in Huwon Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palce in Seoul

Building where books were stored and read

Seonhyangjae was built as a study for the adjacent Yeongyeongdang Residence. It was here where books were stored and read and where guests were often greeted.

Records known as Gunggwolji (Record of the Palace) were found noting the function of this luxurious building as a study.

The building features, which faces to the north and south, features a sun shade on the western side which was used to block the setting sun, wind, or rain from those inside reading books or studying.

On the inside of the building is a wide wooden floor with heated floors on each side of the main floor. A bronze plate once hung from the rood.

The building is 7 kan wide and 2 kan in depth. A kan is the interval between pillars.

To the east is a terraced flower garden that was built into the hill.